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How to clean an ostomy bag

You recently had a colostomy surgery and have many concerns about how to take care of your pouch system. Do you need help on issues like How to clean an ostomy bag? This topic is going to be discussed here. 

Unless your ostomy output needs special care and your nurse tells you so, cleaning your pouch is an easy job that only requires developing the method that works best for you! Here are some tips that you may find useful when using a drainable bag:           

  • Whereas you are at home or out in a public washroom, make sure that all accessories (including a new bag and wafer) are handy. A new bag can be suitable in case the one you are cleaning needs to be changed or there is an accident and it gets damaged and thus unable for further use. With accessories, toilet paper, toilet seat covers –if you are out, a clean cloth or wiper and pouch clips are very handy. Keep them close to you when cleaning the bag.  
  • Get a dry wiper or cloth and clean your pouch outlet once or twice or as many times as needed. 
  • If you are measuring the bag contents, place any measurable type container beneath the pouch outlet. If quantifying the output is not necessary, the content will be emptied straight down the toilet. Avoid toilet water splashing whenever possible. 
  • Open the bag and aim its content either to the measurable type container or directly to the toilet. Two of your fingers (index and middle finger) can then be placed between the front and back sides of the pouch and they are slide down until stool is taken outside the bag to the exterior. There, you can also use clips that have been found to do the same job as fingers as far as emptying the bag. Don´t forget to flush the toilet when finished! 
  • When the measurable container is used and filled, place it on a close-by table to register the quantity of output. Once measuring is finished, the contents are emptied into the toilet and the container is washed and kept aside for later use. Don´t forget to flush the toilet again! 
  • Once the bag is emptied, its interior side can be washed with warm water a few times until cleaned and finally wiped with toilet paper. 
  • Spray a deodorant or lubricant of your preference inside the bag. 
  • Then, the pouch outlet is wiped (use toilet paper if the cloth is not clean enough) and sealed again. Place the wiper or toilet paper in a nearby dustbin. 
  • Avoid filling up the bag with air. This may often lead to bag leakage which eventually requires more cleaning. 
  • Wash your hands before you come out of the washroom! 
  • You are all set up and have a few tips on how to clean an ostomy bag!